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JP-H0192596-A: Rotary blower for supercharger patent, JP-H0194128-A: Pin connector patent, JP-H0194250-A: Optical internal flaw detector patent, JP-H0194649-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H0195464-A: Rectangular closed battery patent, JP-H0195495-A: High precision measuring device for plasma energy distribution patent, JP-H0195989-A: Two-or three-wheeled vehicle patent, JP-H0196096-A: Epitaxial growth method of semiconductor crystal patent, JP-H0196348-A: Corrosion-resistant material patent, JP-H0196597-A: Steam supply equipment patent, JP-H0197131-A: Switching power circuit patent, JP-H0198954-A: Electrode type ion sensor of gel sensing type microcapillary and its production patent, JP-H0199069-A: Color image recording method patent, JP-H02101883-A: Still picture generation display system patent, JP-H02101946-A: Electric motor with speed detecting device patent, JP-H02102699-A: Cloth drying machine patent, JP-H02103965-A: Manufacture of semiconductor memory device patent, JP-H02104108-A: Sampling phase comparator, phase synchronizing oscillator and microminiaturized earth station patent, JP-H02104160-A: Power supply system converting circuit patent, JP-H02104713-A: Acetate fiber dyeable with cationic dye and production thereof patent, JP-H02105969-A: Method and device for optimization problem processing patent, JP-H02106692-A: Jig for calcining and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H02107522-A: Superconductor patent, JP-H02111072-A: Insulated gate type thyristor patent, JP-H02111132-A: Qualification verifying system patent, JP-H02111321-A: Rice boiler patent, JP-H02111438-A: Production of hc adsorbent patent, JP-H02112318-A: Dynamic circuit patent, JP-H02113598-A: Optical transmission module patent, JP-H02115122-A: Therapeutic agent for chronic rheumatoid arthritis patent, JP-H02115429-A: Construction of high building patent, JP-H02116172-A: Manufacture of field-effect transistor patent, JP-H02117335-A: Small case for carrying and storing living fish patent, JP-H0211769-A: Photochemical vapor growth method and wiring correction device using the same method patent, JP-H02118528-A: Camera system patent, JP-H02120008-A: Manufacture of molded sheet patent, JP-H02120032-A: Plastic-based sheet-like material having light irregularly reflecting function patent, JP-H02120869-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H0212322-A: Information processor patent, JP-H02124178-A: Slow descending system for refuging and emergency escape floating body patent, JP-H02125256-A: Photomask patent, JP-H02125723-A: Manufacture of urethane foam composite material patent, JP-H02125760-A: Thermal head control circuit patent, JP-H0212618-A: Objective lens driving device patent, JP-H02126631-A: Manufacture of soi substrate patent, JP-H02127750-A: 16-bit dma data transfer circuit patent, JP-H02128094-A: Foot pusher for press-fit soil non-moving type pipe-body burying machine patent, JP-H02128561-A: Variable incoming call transfer device patent, JP-H02128887-A: Thermal transfer printer patent, JP-H02129826-A: Relay patent, JP-H02131822-A: Minute hole press machining device patent, JP-H02132348-A: Hardness measuring instrument patent, JP-H02132534-A: Main memory residence system for data base patent, JP-H02132887-A: Electronic equipment outer case patent, JP-H02133287-A: Rear wheel steering fluid pressure bush patent, JP-H02135489-A: Color laser display device patent, JP-H0213582-A: Method and equipment for secure and convenient input of control command patent, JP-H02135845-A: Earphone type teransmitter-receiver patent, JP-H02136440-A: Faucet for preventing back pollution patent, JP-H02136844-A: Picture reader patent, JP-H02137192-A: Photomagnetic bubble memory element patent, JP-H02137978-A: Menu device patent, JP-H02138136-A: Selective separation of aromatic hydrocarbon from mixture of aromatic hydrocarbon and saturated hydrocarbon using polyethylene glycol impregnated hydrophilic membrane patent, JP-H02139690-A: Ic card data processing system patent, JP-H02139859-A: Alikaline battery and its negative electrode active substance patent, JP-H02140429-A: Twin-piston two-stroke engine patent, JP-H02141591-A: Flushing agent for pipeline patent, JP-H02142598-A: Distilling plant for dry cleaner patent, JP-H0214269-A: Paste composition for firming insulation layer patent, JP-H02142864-A: Correction fluid patent, JP-H02142870-A: Coating composition for coated steel sheet patent, JP-H02143051-A: Hot water feeding system patent, JP-H02143427-A: Thin film forming method patent, JP-H02143935-A: Cartridge library device patent, JP-H0214533-A: Manufacture of thin-film active element; liquid-crystal element patent, JP-H02145526-A: Antidote to blood anticoagulant patent, JP-H02146087-A: Dot matrix type liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H02147332-A: Resin board for emboss finish and its manufacture patent, JP-H02147746-A: Wall system patent, JP-H02148732-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H0214907-A: Independent rear suspension structure patent, JP-H02149551-A: New azoamide compound patent, JP-H02150016-A: Manufacture of compound semiconductor element patent, JP-H02151673-A: Composition for conductive coating material patent, JP-H02151756-A: Method and apparatus for manufacturing cataphoresis medium film patent, JP-H02152564-A: Collecting device patent, JP-H021536-A: Film coating sensor patent, JP-H0215380-A: Image contracting and display device patent, JP-H02153960-A: Easily water-soluble film patent, JP-H02154919-A: Heat shielding pressure partition wall patent, JP-H02155450-A: Magnetizing device for assembling small-sized motor patent, JP-H0215550-A: Target surface potential control device patent, JP-H02155672-A: Image recorder patent, JP-H02157547-A: Heating and cooling system patent, JP-H0215968-A: Method and device for discharging content from barrel-bath patent, JP-H02160251-A: Electrostatic image developing one-component type developer patent, JP-H02160724-A: Hemoglobin composite emulsion patent, JP-H02160763-A: Intermediate of thienamycin and its preparation patent, JP-H02161274-A: Expansion tank for cooling water circulating apparatus patent, JP-H0216206-A: Method and apparatus for fixing oblique cable patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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